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Advantages and Differences of LED PCT

LED PCT can achieve incomparable color stability and low water absorption compared with other similar materials. It can be used for large outdoor LED screens, indoor lighting and 3C consumer electronics, and can achieve good environmental adaptability. Characteristic: Excellent whiteness and low attenuation; Excellent light and heat resistance; Extremely low water absorption; Excellent light stability; Excellent mechanical strength; Excellent melting fluidity; Suitable for low-temperature production; Shorten molding cycle and improve production efficiency. At present, there are three kinds of LED packaging brackets on the market: PPA, PCT and EMC. The main differences are as follows: The three kinds of stents have different materials, structures and production processes.

PPA is an injection molding process; PCT materials have poor fluidity with troublesome operating process, so traditional stamping process is needed; EMC stents are produced by die top process. PPA and PCT are thermoplastic materials, while EMC is mainly made of epoxy resin and thermosetting materials. The temperature resistance of EMC LED is higher than that of PPA and PCT LED. The temperature resistance, yellowing and air tightness of PPA are lower than those of EMC and PCT, but the price of EMC has advantages. PPA, PCT and EMC can be enhanced because of the different heat dissipation. Due to different heat dissipation, PPA support can only achieve 0.1-0.2 W, PCT should be able to achieve 0.8 W at present. EMC bracket has the advantages of high heat resistance, yellowing resistance, high current, high power, high density, UV resistance and small size. At present, EMC bracket is favored by packaging factories. Many packaging enterprises have set up PCT production lines. PCT LED bracket is the development trend of later LED packaging.
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