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Are SMD LED Beads Environmentally Friendly?
At present, more and more surface mounting device led beads have replaced conservative lighting lamps, and are used in l...
What are the Differences between COB Package and SMD Package in the Field of LED Display?
The existence of double giants in the field of LED display has jointly developed and flourished the LED industry. As a c...


  • Industrial Lighting Source
    Industrial Lighting Source Application: high bay light, project lamp, street lamp, tunnel lamp. 10-300WIndustrial Lighting Source, High luminous efficacy. Good color redering Long lifetime. Industrial lighting ensures the comfo... VIEW DETAILS
  • Landscape Lighting Source
    Landscape Lighting Source Application: wall washer, project lamp, undergrond lamp. Stage lighting illuminates the light source: import chips,high brightness and high CRI.Stage lighting/ illuminates the light source is closely ... VIEW DETAILS
  • Infrared Applied Light Source
    Infrared Applied Light Source Application: security lights, camera. Infrared applied light source: Available in Full Color Range; Applications: Backlight, Indicator, Lighting. Infrared LED, Instant response, high reliability, Appl... VIEW DETAILS
  • Grow Light Source
    Grow Light Source Application: the sterilization lamp, shed light, grow light.Grow light Source: Full Wavelength, customized wavelength and proportioning is available. High luminous efficacy, universal design in IW and... VIEW DETAILS
  • Mobile Lighting Source
    Mobile Lighting Source Application: the flashlight, modified car lights, car lamp.Mobile lighting Source: Mobile lighting refers to small volume, light weight, with a certain degree of mobility of lighting products. Ultra-h... VIEW DETAILS
  • UV Light Source
    UV Light Source Application: High bay light, project lamp, street lamp, tunnel lamp.Uv light source, 270nm-410nm, which can be applied to UV curing, nail lamp, photo-catalyst; UVC LED 270nm-290nm China's first full-p... VIEW DETAILS
  • Commercial Lighting Source
    Commercial Lighting Source Application: track light, down light, track lamp, PAR light. 3030 XY14H XY14L XY16L XY18L XY19L XY28LXY14D XY19D XY4017DCommercial lighting source:Commercial lighting originates from the birth of publ... VIEW DETAILS