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Industrial Lighting Source

Compared with other lighting, industrial lighting emphasizes more on functionality, keeping higher requirements on technical indexes; higher requirements on environmental adaptability and visual efficacy. In lighting design, the most basic index is the illuminance. The illumination requirements of industrial buildings range from dozens to hundreds to thousands of lux. The areas lighted are also very complex: petrochemical, pharmaceutical industry reaction pot, pipeline, processing enterprises raw material storage yard and another outdoor lighting; Iron and steel industry's tall workshop, electronic factories' assembly workshop and another indoor lighting. LED lighting needs to choose different light source power combination and lamp type according to the above different illuminance and area.

Industrial lighting ensures the comfort and safety of workers when a certain degree of illumination is reached. Reasonable lighting enables the lighting level of the whole ground area and the working surface to be balanced.

Industrial Lighting Source from Shenzhen Crescentled has high luminous efficacy. Good color rendering Long lifetime. Our SMD 3030, high power led, integrated COB and DOB solution can be used for led industrial lighting, higher than the most stringent reliability test standard of the same industry.


high bay light, project lamp, street lamp, tunnel lamp, gas station light.