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Application of EMC Bracket in 3030 LED Ball Packaging

Top LED device of 3030LED beads mainly adopts thermoplastic plastics (TPP) bracket, which is a mature LED packaging bracket. At present, a thermoplastic resin such as PPA and PA6T are mainly used in TPP scaffolds. The airtightness of this kind of bracket has not been improved yet. The water absorption is strong and the PPA itself will change color, these problems will affect the reliability of 3030 LED devices. EMC is a thermosetting plastic.

Brief Introduction of EMC Materials.

EMC is an important microelectronic packaging material, through the packaging process of the semiconductor chip to form a protective coating in order to avoid external environmental damage; At the same time, EMC also has a certain heat dissipation effect. EMC has the characteristics of large-scale production and reasonable reliability. It is one of the common packaging materials for semiconductor packaging.

In recent years, EMC has been introduced into the field of 3030 LED package, which is very helpful to improve the performance and reliability of 3030 LED package devices.

The main components of EMC are filler, epoxy resin, curing agent, coupling agent, flame retardant, release agent, upgrade additives etc,.The content of filler is the highest. It can improve the parameters and properties of epoxy resin, such as reducing expansion coefficient, increasing thermal conductivity, increasing elastic modulus, etc.;As a matrix resin, epoxy resin binds other components together. Epoxy resin determines the mechanical, electrical and heat resistance properties of EMC cured products. With the rapid development of semiconductor technology, people continue to study the characteristics of EMC materials and optimize process parameters, making the performance of EMC continuously improved.

Main characteristics of EMC Bracket.

EMC has high reliability, high thermal conductivity, high heat and humidity resistance, low stress, low expansion coefficient, and other excellent properties. It is very suitable for 3030 LED package devices.
3030LED EMC Bracket is a highly integrated Bracket, known as the third generation LED Bracket. Compared with the first generation of PPA pre-plastic encapsulation frame and the second generation of the ceramic substrate, EMC3030 Bracket has the advantages of large-scale production, low cost, flexible design, and smaller size.
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