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Crescent Launches 3030 LED Package Series

Crescent launches 3030 LED package has added new members to its popular medium and high power LED product line. When the high voltage LED module is used correctly, the design of the driver can be simplified by reducing the voltage difference between the finished AC power supply voltage and the DC input voltage of the LED module. This not only reduces the number and cost of driver components, but also improves the efficiency of the driver.

Therefore, a more efficient and cost-effective overall solution has been produced. The efficiency level of the 3030 LED package of Crescent meets all application requirements and achieves the efficiency of about 120 lumens/watt at the color temperature of 3000K CCT. In addition, it can also be supplied through the sub-Bin mode of 7th-order ANSI-Bin and 3rd-order Central Bin. This product series has been tested for reliability up to 3000 hours internally and LM80 has been tested. In terms of packaging materials, this product is lead-free and halogen-free, and conforms to RoHS specifications.

In order to select the suitable LED customer-oriented concept for Crescent, we need to adjust to the time. High-voltage LED packaging series can be used in different terminal lighting products, such as LED bulbs, LED lighting, LED inlay lights and LED space lighting lamps, etc., to provide customers with the design of lamps in a variety of application products, to achieve the best cost-effective goal.

Crescent has complete LED products. Customers can choose the most suitable packaging products according to their own application requirements. Only by using the suitable LED can we achieve the best efficiency and quality performance of the application products. Crescent is committed to integrating professional R&D, business and marketing teams with deep strength and customer demand-oriented, providing complete and comprehensive solutions for its various applications.

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