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Development Status and Trend Analysis of High Efficiency COB LED Light Source

If patches are the mainstream in 2013, COB LED package gradually become the mainstream in the market in 2014, with the total output rising by 20% to 30%. Among them, cob packaged bulbs even account for 40% - 50% of the market share. Cob integrated light source, chip on board, is to attach bare chips to interconnect substrates with conductive or non-conductive adhesives, and then wire bonding to achieve its electrical connection. Because it has the characteristics of easy dimming, color adjustment, anti-glare and high brightness, which helps to solve the problems of color difference and heat dissipation. So it has been widely used in commercial lighting and other fields. As early as its birth, the LED light source of COB had a optimistic future in the industry. However, due to some issues, like the low reliability, low light efficiency, light decay, expensiveness, the market promotion of COB light source has not been a breakthrough.

By 2014, this situation was improved. The research and development of COB LED package technology by domestic mainstream packaging factories is becoming more and more mature. The market demand for COB LED is growing vigorously. The cost performance ratio of COB light source is becoming more and more reasonable. The development trend of high efficiency COB LED is rapid. In the market, enterprises and businesses choose efficient COB light sources. From the point of view of the current market application, in the field of commercial lighting, track spotlights and ceiling lamps have begun to use high efficiency COB LED comprehensively; in the field of home lighting, floodlighting demand is dominant. Only some COB ceiling lamps and COB tube lamps will be selected; in the field of outdoor lighting, spotlights mainly use COB light source, and 30W, 50W street lamps for rural road lighting because of its low requirements. The outdoor street lamp and tunnel lamp are mainly packaged with a single 1-3W power device or a high power COB light source, which are equally divided.

But the proportion of COB is gradually increasing. Overall, the application market of efficient COB  mainly increases in commercial lighting, because this field needs to focus on lighting, highlight the illuminated objects, and create a business atmosphere. For the next development of high efficiency COB LED, first of all, on the premise of ensuring product performance, the scale will be raised and the price will be lowered. Secondly, developing low power to medium and high power. Finally, combined with the characteristics of high-efficiency COB LED, developing more lamps and lanterns, so that high-efficiency COB light source can give full play to its role.
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