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Discussion on Four Categories of SMD LED Lamp Beads

With the rapid development of LED display, there are many different types and sizes of led. SMD LED, LED beads and other products also occupy a place in the LED industry, especially the application of SMD LED beads. In the actual purchase of patch LED beads, it is necessary to understand the classification of patch diodes. What are the types and sizes of patch LED?

1. Piranha: It is a 4-pin plug-in package with better heat dissipation and reliability than the ordinary 2-pin plug-in package. It can withstand the working current of 50-70 mA, which is the commonly used light source at present.

2. TOP LED: Electrical connection adopts 2, 4 or 6 pin patch mode, which is the commonly used light source at present. According to the size of the package, it can be divided into 1206, 3528, 0805, 3535, 5050, 5060, 5630 patch LED and other specifications. The bigger the package shape is, the better the heat dissipation performance is, the higher the withstandable power is, and the more the output light energy is.

3. Direct-plug LED: Electrical connection takes the form of 2-pin direct-plug, which is a traditional, low-end product. Because of the high thermal resistance of the package and the difficulty of heat dissipation of the chip, the light effect decays quickly and the life of the chip is short. The advantage is that it is cheap and can be made into a very small light-out angle.

4. High-power LED: LED designed and manufactured with large-size chips and enhanced thermal channel technology, usually divided into 0.5WWW and other specifications. A single 1W LED can withstand more than 300 mA of working current and output more than 100 lumens of light flux. It is widely used in civil and commercial lighting, traffic control, photography, night vision and other fields. The price of high-power LED is still high. With the gradual maturity of technology, it will hopefully completely replace the traditional lighting source and lead the world into a solid light source era.
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