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Discussion on LED Packaging Technology and Future Trend

In recent years, due to the global energy consumption and environmental deterioration year by year, countries have raised their awareness of environmental protection and have successively proposed policies such as banning incandescent bulbs.

LED products have become a substitute for green energy at present and innovations are being constantly made in product research and development. Smaller size, higher efficiency, larger wattage and lower price have become the future trend of LED. Traditional materials have limited the development of some parts, however, the packaging of ceramic substrates in recent years has developed a wider advantage, making the development of LED able to meet the above requirements.

What are the advantages of applying ceramic substrates?

1. It is suitable for mass production ( high density packaging can effectively reduce cost )
2. It greatly prolongs service life pf component ( with small coefficient of thermal expansion )
3. It is suitable for all kinds of harsh environments ( simple structure can effectively prevent moisture penetration and has resistance to huge temperature changes )
4. Good dissipation effect of heat ( 2.5℃/W low thermal resistance product is produced by using aluminum nitride base plate )
5. Reduction of overall volume of lamps and lanterns ( smaller components and smaller volume of secondary optical )
6. High illuminance of lamps and lanterns ( high luminous density of components, easy convergence of secondary optics and meet requirements of small angle lighting )

Crescent Optoelectronic ( ) applies the above advantages and provides a series of solutions ranging from 1W to 10W, such as SMD LED, COB LED, HIGH POWER LED, DOB LED,5050 LED, 3030 LED and 3030 LED. Suitable products for indoor and outdoor lighting, car warning lights, stage lighting applications, landscape lighting, night monitors, or even plant growth lights are offered. Besides high efficiency and quality, the price is also quite competitive.

The new generation of LED products not only rely on ceramic substrates to achieve the above-mentioned advantages, but also can be consolidated with EutecTIc technology, resulting in longer service life and higher luminous area per unit.

Future Trends of High Brightness LED

Since 2009, the LED products used in LED lighting have attracted much attention. Because of the characteristics of energy saving, high efficiency, no mercury, long life, etc., they have gradually started to flourish and have attracted attention from all walks of life.
Therefore, in 2010, manufacturers joined lighting application of LED in chip factories, packaging factories or lamp factories, etc. However, due to the rapid expansion, the recession in Europe and the uneven quality of LED, there was an oversupply of LED in 2011, with the gross profit falling and the price of finished products dropping by 20 - 30 % in one year.

In 2012, all countries in the world, including the United States, mainland China, South Korea, Taiwan province, etc., committed themselves to speeding up the formulation of national and industry standards so that LED manufacturers with poor health will soon collapse and be merged, which will increase the confidence of consumers ( including government, general enterprises and consumers ). With the gradual banning of incandescent light bulbs in various countries in 2012, the talent network market of LED lighting will grow in multiples, and LED lighting will reach a certain level in price, quality and efficiency so that the demand for LED will grow rapidly.
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