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Full Spectrum Led vs Red and Blue LED

The difference between red and blue light of plant growth lamps and the full spectrum LED chip: red and blue light is red + blue light, which is made according to a certain proportion of the number of lights. It can be single light or integrated lights. And the full spectrum is the blue light chip with different proportion of phosphors prepared by the composition of a variety of wavelengths of light beads, which are basically single.

1. Introduction

LED plant grow
is a kind of special lamps and lanterns, which needs sunshine according to plant growth rule. And plant growth lamp uses the principle of sunlight. Lamplight replaces sunshine to provide development environment for plant growth.

2. Principle

Light environment is one of the important indispensable physical environmental factors for plant growth and development. Controlling plant morphogenesis by light quality regulation is an important technology in the field of facility cultivation.

3. Features

Wavelength types are abundant, which coincide with the spectral range of plant photosynthesis and photomorphogenesis. The spectral wave width is medium width and narrow, and pure monochromatic light and compound spectrum can be obtained by combining according to needs. Crops can be equally irradiated by concentrated light of a particular wavelength. It can not only adjust the flowering and fruiting of crops, but also control plant height and plant nutrition. The system has less heat and occupies less space, so it can be used in multi-layer cultivation system and realize low heat load and miniaturization of production space.

The so-called red blue light is red light + blue light according to the number of beads in a certain proportion, can be a single bead, can also be integrated! In this way, the spectrum tested is mixed by different lamp beads, but the peak value must be red and blue. There are many advantages, such as reasonable configuration of red-blue ratio

If the spectrum is full. There are a lot of such calls in the industry, which should be blue light chips mixed with different phosphor powder to mix out the lamp beads containing a variety of wavelengths, which are basically single. This kind of lamp looks more comfortable than red and blue light, by naked eyes. And the disadvantage is that it is not easy to control proportion of the red and blue, the targeted is weak!
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