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40-100W Integrated COB LED

40-100W Integrated COB LED

1. High power the power can be make up to 300W,High lumen,High lighting effect
2. High light efficiency up to 170LM/W
3. You can choose the orginal brand chip, Bridgelux from USA/Epistar from Taiwan and so on.
4. We use the 99.99% Gold wire
5. High thermal conductivity copper substrate

40-100W Integrated COB LED Features:

Compared with the traditional LED SMD chip package and high power package, the COB package can directly package multiple chips on the metal-based printed circuit board MCPCB, and it also can directly dissipate heat through the substrate, which can reduce the manufacturing process and cost of the bracket. “COB package forms a circuit connection by directly bonding the chip or soldering it to the heat sink. Only one package can simplify the secondary light distribution, which has a cost advantage.

40-100W Integrated COB LED Advantages:

  • The chip can be designed to be connected in series or in parallel, flexible to adapt to different voltages and currents, to facilitate the design of the driver, to improve the light efficiency and reliability of the light source;   
  • The number of chips on a certain area of the substrate can be freely controlled, according to customer requirements It can be packaged into a point source or a surface source in various forms; 
  • The chip is directly connected to the substrate, which reduces the thermal resistance of the package, and the heat dissipation problem is easy to handle.

40-100W Integrated COB LED Specification:

Product Code Power(W) Common color temperature Voltage(v)  Current(mA) Brand chips
Jxx-A4xx-xxx-10Cxx 30w 3000-3100K 4000-4200K 6000-6500K 1900-2000K 30-34V 1050 Crescent 30
40W 1400 Crescent 35
50W 1750 Crescent 45
60W 2100 Epistar 33
70W 2450 Bridgelux 35
80W 2800 Epistar 45
100W 3500 Bridgelux 45

Packing Specification

托盘尺寸 装箱方式 外箱尺寸 每托盘数量 每箱总数 毛重
198*152*10 1*6*10*6 450*210*180 6pcs 360pcs 12.8kg

40-100W Integrated COB LED packing Specification
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