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1414 High Efficiency COB LED
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1414 High Efficiency COB LED

  • 10000hrs LM-80 certified LED
  • High efficacy, up to 155lm/W(@80RA&135lm/W@90RA
  • Broad power range from 3W to 80W
  • Large scale production for Ra80 Rag0 Ra97
  • Macadam 3 Steps color binning range
Features of high light efficiency COB: the light efficiency is more than 130LM/W, rather than the common 90-110lm /W, Crescent high light efficiency COB light source products mainly focus on 1414 and 1919

  • High standard for raw materials, imported German high-end ammonium aluminum plate, 99.99% pure gold wire, 250 ℃ high temperature resistant silicone
  • The product through 300 round of cold and hot shock (- 30 min - 40 ℃ / 125 ℃ / 30 min)
  • The industry's strictest reliability test standards, product quality safety and reliability
  • SDCM less than 6, good color consistency.
  • High light efficiency, high color rendering, no stroboscopic, low energy consumption, simple structure, convenient for welding.

Presently our company mainly focus on 1414 and 1919, full specifications and parameters as below:

1414 High Efficiency COB LED

Product Code Common color temperature and code Color Rendering Index(Ra) Forward Voltage(v) Current(mA) Efficacy(lm/w)
C05-14HWOE-54SF0502 5400K±250K(S-8)
80/90 15-17/30-34 150/300 130-150
C09-14HWOE-54SF0902 27-31/54-62
C05-14LWOE-54SF05C02 15-17/30-34
C09-14LWOE-54SF09C02 27-31/54-62
C12-14LWOE-54SF12C02 27-82/36-41
C15-14LWOE-54SF15C02 90-102/45-51


Mainly used in all kinds of indoor lamps and lanterns, such as downlight, track light, etc.

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