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1919 Full Spectrum COB LED

1919 Full Spectrum COB LED

Full spectrum 1919 COB LED refers to the spectrum curve containing ultraviolet light, visible light and infrared light, the proportion of red, green and blue in visible light is similar to that of the sunlight, and the chromogenic index is close to 1. 

Features of 1919 Full Spectrum COB LED:

  • COB light source containing all visible spectrum and possessing a high degree of reduction.
  • With high degree of saturation and reduction (RA > 95, R1-R15 > 90, Rf > 97, Rg > 101, high close to the sunlight,comfortable light color, low harm to eyes)
  • High degree of saturation;
  • High degree of reduction. The color fidelity index Rf is up to 96, color saturation Rg is close to 100;
  • Close to the sunlight. The spectrum is close to the sunlight, color quality is close to the sunlight, which can achieve ultra-high quality sunshine lighting so that you can enjoy the warm sunshine of nature without going out;
  • Low blue light hazard. Compared with the common white LED in the market, our products not only reduce the blue light hazard, but also significantly improve the light quality, making you feel healthier and more comfortable.

Color Rendering Index Ra

There are 15 colors for the Color Rendering Index, the average of the first 8 common Color Rendering Index form Ra, to represent the color rendering of the light source, full details as below:

R1: light gray-red  R2: dark gray-yellow  R3: saturated yellow-green  R4: medium yellow-green  R5: pale blue-green R6: light blue R7: light purple-blue  R8: light red-purple  R9: saturated red   R10: saturated yellow R11: saturated green  R12: saturated blue   R13: skin color of the white race   R14:Leaves green   R15: skin color of the white race

Present our company mainly focuses on the full spectrum of 1919, specification as in below form.At the same time, our company also accept customized scheme design from customer.

Power(m) Voltage(V)
Common color temperature Ra LM/W
light effect
18 36-38 500 2700K/3000K/
95 115-125 12C5B
24 36-38 600 115-125 12C6B
30 36-38 800 115-125 12C8B
35 36-38 900 115-125 12C9B


Applications of full spectrum COB LED:

Present applications: furniture lighting + medical lighting + commercial office lighting. Full spectrum COB is high uniformity, no stroboscopic, low glare, etc, and with continuous spectrum and high color rendering close to natural light, at the same time its compliances with the biological security of light and the health of human circadian rhythm. In this way, it is widely used in medical lighting, teaching lighting, commercial office lighting, home lighting and other places with high light quality requirements.

1919 Full Spectrum COB Light Source

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