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Principle of LED Packaging Design Technology

Due to the complex structure and process of high power LED package, it directly affects the service performance and life of LED. The high power white LED package is an especially hot research topic.

The functions of LED package mainly include: 1. Mechanical protection to improve reliability; 2. Strengthen heat dissipation to reduce chip junction temperature and improve performance of LED; 3. Optical control to improve light emitting efficiency and optimize light beam distribution; 4. Power supply management, including AC/DC conversion, power supply control, etc.

The choice of LED packaging method, material, structure and process is mainly determined by chip structure, photoelectric/mechanical characteristics, specific application and cost. After more than 40 years of development, LED packaging has experienced stages of development such as Lamp LED, SMD LED and Power LED. With the increase of chip power, especially the development of solid-state lighting technology, new and higher requirements are put forward for the optical, thermal, electrical and mechanical structures of LED packages. In order to effectively reduce thermal resistance of the package and improve the light emitting efficiency, a new technical idea must be adopted for packaging design.
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