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The Difference between COB Package and Traditional LED Package

Compared with traditional packaging technology, what are the advantages of COB LED package technology?

1. High encapsulation efficiency and cost saving

There are few differences between COB LED and SMD LED package process. But COB LED package is more efficient in dispensing, separating, splitting and packaging. Compared with traditional SMD, it can save 5% of any material costs.

2. The advantage of Low Thermal Resistance

The thermal resistance structure of traditional SMD packaging system is chip - gel - solder joint - solder paste - copper foil - insulation layer - aluminum material. The thermal resistance of the COB LED package system is: chip-gel-aluminum material. The thermal resistance of the COB packaged system is much lower than that of traditional SMD packaged system, so the service life of COB packaged LED lights is greatly improved.

3. The advantage of Quality of Light

Traditional SMD package uses patches to attach several discrete devices to PCB boards to form light source components for LED applications. This method has the problems of spotting, glaring and ghosting. The COB package is an integrated package and a surface light source. It has a large angle of view and can be easily adjusted to reduce the loss of light refraction.

4. Application Advantage

The application of LED light source packaged by COB is very convenient, and it can be directly applied to lights without any other process. The traditional SMD package LED needs to be fixed on the PCB board by patching and reflow soldering. It is not as convenient as COB encapsulated led in the application.
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