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What are the Specifications of Patch LED Lamp Beads?

The beautiful lamps we usually see in shopping malls are made of patch-type LED beads. It is made of FPC circuit board, LED lamp and high quality silica gel sleeve. Its waterproof performance is safe and convenient to use low voltage DC power supply, and its luminous color is varied and bright. Outdoor use can resist UV aging, yellowing, high temperature and other advantages. Where are patch LED beads commonly used? This product is widely used in building contour lights, entertainment decorative lighting, advertising decorative lighting field. Patch LED beads mainly have the following specifications, including 5730 (5630) patch LED, 3030 patch LED, 3014 patch LED, 2835 patch LED, 3528 patch LED and 5050 patch LED.

5730 (5630) patch LED beads belong to Samsung's high-power structure, each 0.5W, using current of 100-150MA.
3030 patch LED beads belong to Kerui's high-power structure, each 1W, using current of 300-350MA, this structure also has 3W beads (in fact, 2W, 600MA).

3014 patch LED beads belong to low power, each 0.1W, using current of 30MA. Because of the heat dissipation at the bottom, the current is larger than the conventional low power current.

2835 patch LED beads belong to low power, each with 0.1W and 0.2W, using current of 30MA and 60MA. Because of the use of bottom heat dissipation, the heat dissipation area is larger than 3014, so the current can also be larger.

The 3528 patch LED lamp beads belong to the conventional low power, each 0.06W, the use current is less than 20MA.
The 5050 patch LED lamp beads belong to the conventional low power, each 0.06*3W, the current used is less than 20*3MA, there are three chips inside, so the current is also three times of the conventional.

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