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What's the Difference Between LED Bead of 2835 Package and 5730 Package?

1. Different shapes and sizes: Model 2835/5730 refers to the shape and size of patch LED beads: 2835 LED beads: 2.8 mm long, 3.5 mm wide and 0.8 mm thick 5730 LED beads: 5.7 mm long, 3.0 mm wide and 0.9 mm thick Both of the dimensions and power are different, and the standards of each manufacturer are different. Tongjia Optoelectronics manufactures LED beads with high luminance, high heat dissipation and low light decay by controlling the source of LED beads wafer, using high thermal conductivity silica gel for packaging and Taiwan's cutting-edge optical decay control technology.

2. Different heat dissipation structures: 2835 LED lamp beads adopt unique LED heat dissipation structure. The wafer is placed on the socket, which helps to heat the wafer node, and the temperature of the wafer node will not accumulate. So as to ensure the service life and good usability of LED beads, low light decay. In addition, the thermal resistance of 2835 patch LED lamp beads is lower than that of similar products and tested at room temperature, which is better than that of similar products.

3. The forward voltage of work is different: The rated voltage of conventional white-light patch LED beads is 3.0-3.6V, while the white-light 2835 LED beads can be driven by 6V/9V/12V/18V high voltage besides 3V voltage. Because of the special heat dissipation mode of 2835 LED beads, the power of 2835 patch LED beads can reach 1.0W, which makes 2835 patch LED beads widely used in LED fluorescent lamp, bulb lamp, ceiling lamp, panel lamp and tube lamp. Wait for the lighting fixture.

4. Different cost: 2835 RGB LED bead wafer has special heat dissipation technology, the current can be used normally at 150 mA, and the brightness of the bead is as high as 40-70 LM. Compared with the products of similar brightness, the luminance is higher and the number of used beads is fewer. From the overall cost of lamps, 2835 patch LED beads have absolute advantages. At the same time, 2835 patch LED beads are much better in heat dissipation than similar products, which can be completely surpassed. The more similar products.
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